Well how d'ya like that? Not much in the way of reviews, descriptions or excerpts yet, but you can click on the thumbnails to see large versions of each cover (be sure to hover your mouse pointer over these large versions so you can see the back of the book as well). In the future, excerpts and reviews of PM novels (as well as some others—A.A. Fair stuff, Brett Halliday, whatever else I think might strike your fancy) will reside here.

TCOT Sulky Girl TCOT Baited Hook TCOT Counterfeit Eye A Taste for Violence (A Mike Shayne Mystery) Call for Michael Shayne (A Mike Shayne Mystery) Death in the Air (An Hercule Poirot Mystery) An American Nurse in Paris Death Has Three Lives (A Mike Shayne Mystery) She Woke to Darkness (A Mike Shayne Mystery) What Really Happened (A Mike Shayne Mystery) Shadows Move Amoung Them Sign of Eros TCOT Careless Kitten TCOT Glamorous Ghost TCOT Sleepwalker's Niece TCOT Velvet Claws The Lethal Sex (Anthology) Top of the Heap Don't You Weep, Don't You Moan

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