Dear Sirs/Madames:

I am writing to complain about some rather disappointing (maddening!) news I just received from another Columbia House subscriber: The Perry Mason DVDs stop at volume 13. Why? I found it troubling enough that Columbia House releases the episodes out of order. Were CH to offer the series in box sets of each season, I'm sure it would be very profitable and would make customers extremely happy. Such sets of other series (both classic and modern) are widely available today—and becoming moreso—please consider this option! I enjoy the DVDs quite a lot and am impressed by the picture and sound quality, however, the fact that the eps are released out of order and that 5/6ths of the series aren't even available to us, CH's subscribers, really sours my opinion of your company and makes me suspicious of its business practises. Again, please consider the boxed set idea!

Thanks in advance,

Miss X. Svanström

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