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    A warm welcome extended to you! This is The {slightly Paul-centric} Perry Mason Photos Website, which, when it began in early 2004, was a collection of forty-five or so screen photos from the 1957-1966 series—literally photos taken of the tele screen! Some of those images are still here, but many have since been replaced by DVD captures. Along with these upgrades, and the pages and pages-worth of additional captures, have come the myriad other rooms, cupboards, chambers and alcoves now solidly attached to the site. This has become much more than just a couple of picture pages! Hence, the new structure and design...

    Every time a new item was added, the website became slightly (sometimes more than slightly) ungainly and harder to manage, not to mention, navigate! With the text menus at the bottom of each page rapidly expanding beyond window width I began to consider reörganizing things and creating a graphical menu of some sort. What I came up with initially was an image that resembled a list on paper, slightly askew for added æsthetic interest.

    It worked for a while, but I hadn't created the categories needed to contain everything here. I also wanted something more visually exciting... objects tied to the programme I adore so very much. And so, a little like the games Clue and Monopoly, we have a handful of familiar items: bakelite telephone, notepad and pen, curled photos, blackmail money, gun and bullets, and Perry's bust of Voltaire.

    Thanks go out to for the phone, gun/bullets, blackmail and basis vectors for the silhouettes. I wish I could recall where I nicked the bust image; it was a site that sold statues I think. Hopefully they won't mind my appropriation. The notebook, pen and paper-strips are my own scans. The font used for titles is Agency, which is the closest I've found to the title screens of first-season Mason. Created by the Font Bureau, Agency is always packaged with Windows (I think?). Stereofidelic is the font on the strips of paper (minus the ampersands, which are Comic Sans, a Windows font). It was created by Cathy Davies and is freely available for download at many websites.

    All graphics and images are mucked about with in Photoshop 7 and then wrangled into HTML with a very old, very lovable textual HTML editor called Arachnophilia (I use the no-longer-supported Legacy version), which is CareWare (a marvellous idea!), and created by Paul Lutus. Occasionally I will stumble into Dreamweaver or Front Page for repetitive tasks not covered in Arachnophilia.

    Oh! And to get the captures in the first place I use Cyberlink's PowerDVD. Incidentally, it is quite difficult to get a snapshot of a television screen with a digital camera. Sinister bars of blackness will often obscure half the image, leaving much of Paul's face swallowed by shadow. It's something to do with refresh rate I think? Anyway, very troublesome. It's a delight to have access to the material and equipment necessary for captures. I am very grateful.

    For those of you who are return visitors, fear not! Everything that was here before is still present—and then some! Hopefully, the contents herein will be easier to navigate with the new menu and underlying structure. If you are new to the site, I hope you enjoy your first tarry and return again soon. Please let me know how it looks and if all the pages and menus work ok for you.

    This website isn't just a useful procrastination device for me, it is largely for your entertainment, so if you have any image, sound, or film clip requests, by all means do send them!

Cheers to you and yours,

Miss X.

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