Mason, Drake, and Street at Your Leisure:
CBS has at the time of this writing (October 2010) released up to series five and in fact offers a boxed set. In addition we have the fiftieth anniversary edition, introduced to market in (oddly) 2008, comprising a selection of episodes and an extras disc—a few of those extras are worth the price of the set in themselves, if you ask me! Ahem, William Hopper's screen-tests for the rôles of Perry Mason as well as Paul Drake; Raymond Burr's for Burger and Mason; Miss Hale as a more provocative Della; an interview with Mr Burr at his home in the late 1950s, complete with pet donkey! What a sweet fella. Other segments showcase Barbara Hale and Arthur Marks relaying some funny memories of their time on the programme. So! Our positive efforts paid off. I've left the old requests for action on this page below, just for fun.

We Want Our DVDs:
And, apparently, we've got them! Thanks to everyone who contacted Paramount requesting that they release PM on season-by-season box sets, signed Kim Z.'s petition and those who simply put good vibes into the idea, Paramount is at last releasing season one, probably in 2006. Details regarding this wonderful news can be found here and here. Heaps of thanks also go out to Dave for posting the news at Della-Perry and of course to Steve Owens for keeping in touch with his comrade at Paramount.

Seeing as the release hasn't been announced officially, however, I would still urge you to contact Paramount and sign the petition. Feel free to copy the letter I sent, sign your own name to it and post it to Paramount Pictures, 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90038, ATTN: Home Entertainment Division (here's the letter in various formats: HTML, Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Word 95, text, editable PDF).

By the way: they do indeed read our letters, as evidenced by the response I received over a year ago, on 13 November, 2004.

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