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Theeee pages of images:
Page one: Fan Dancer's Horse, Cautious Coquette, Fugitive Nurse; a couple young shots of him from Hedda's telebiography; two photographs from the joint biography of Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons (Hedda & Louella by George Eells, 1972).

Page two: Moth-Eaten Mink, Pint-Sized Client, Runaway Corpse, Long-Legged Models.

Page three: Angry Mourner, Restless Redhead, Prodigal Parent.

Page four: Black-Eyed Blonde, One-Eyed Witness.

Page five: Runaway Corpse, Glittering Goldfish.

Page six: Sulky Girl.

Page seven: Gilded Lily, Angry Mourner.

Page eight: Angry Mourner, Fraudulent Foto.

Page nine: Fan Dancer's Horse—six thumbnails link to thirty-five images (see slideshow controls where present) and seventeen images from Married Moonlighter.

Page ten: Fan Dancer's Horse.

Page eleven: Moth-Eaten Mink! Pilot episode, and X's absolute favourite.

Film: Films in which Mr. Hopper has appeared.

Miss X's Favourites: My favourite William Hopper images, favourite episodes, character actors and actresses and more...

Later Seasons Paul: By request! Images of Paul from the later seasons of Perry Mason.

Wire Service: Promotional photographs, family images, and candids.

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Perry Mason's Paul Drake.