Invisible Stripes {1940} - George Raft, Jane Bryan, William Holden, Humphrey Bogart, William Hopper, Jane Gilbert

"Society Gent in Top Hat (uncredited)," says his listing at IMDB—who could resist that? Better still, his first wife Jane Gilbert appears alongside him (though you'd better keep your eyes lashed to the screen, otherwise you might miss her!). The film itself is grand, but not uplifting. Watch nice guy ex-cons struggle to make good, people make heroic sacrifices and the penal system fail (and understand why). Redress your own cynicism. Get weepy.


Humphrey Bogart's character is not nearly as sinister as reviews have suggested, by the way; one gets to like him. It's also interesting to see William Holden so young (it took at least fifteen minutes of me going, "Well, where is he? He's third billed!" before I realized he'd been playing George Raft's brother the entire time). If you're in the mood for something a bit sombre, see this one.

Video clip of William Hopper's entire scene in Invisible Stripes: mpeg or real format.

NOTE: IMDB lists this film as being released in 1939. Turner Classic Movies lists it at 1940. *shrug*

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