Big Dave's Perry Mason TV Series Site: A veritable clearinghouse of Perry Mason information and images! And Dave couldn't be a finer fellow!

William Hopper at Brian's Drive In: Excellent single-page tribute to dashing Mr. Hopper with lots of biographical information. There are also pages for Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale.

Lydie's Perry Mason, Attorney at Law: In English or Francais! A very comprehensive website, with heaps of info and some marvellous images of vintage PM novels!

Entry for William Hopper at Someone has put in a generous entry in for our good fellow at wiki—thanks, whomever you may be!

Perry Mason Television Series: Another favourite of mine, heaped with Perry Mason articles and images from old magazines (SITE CURRENTLY DOWN).

Big Dave's Barbara Hale Annex: Loads of photos and documents pertinent to the life and loveliness of Ms. Hale.

The Barbara Hale Homepage: Biographical information, photographs, screen captures from many a rare appearance in television and film, and all in three languages! Marvellous stuff!

Perry Mason Pages: Behold these interesting Mason goodies! Reviews of the novels in pdf format, photos of Erle, golly!

Hollywood Memorabilia: Does what it says on the tin! Loads of lovely goodies here, ladies and gents.

Perry Mason - The Arc of Justice: A really wonderful personal account of the way Perry Mason influenced an individual's life and career. There is also an enlightening comparison of Erle Stanley Gardner's work to that of others in the Detective Mystery genre.

Storrer Perry Mason/Erle Stanley Gardner Website: The entire list of Columbia House's DVD/VHS releases resides here—and so much more! Extensive episode guide, novel reviews, cast lists...

Queen Bee and the Stork Club: A fascinating article about horrible old Hedda Hopper (William Hopper's famous gossip columnist mother), written by none other than Bill's stepson. Some choice bits of info here, everyone.

Howard M. Berlin's Perry Page: Basic info about the show in the 1950s-'60s and 1980s-'90s.

Implement 13: Shameless promotion of my own website/serialized graphic novel, simply because my character Marion was inspired by Mr. Hopper's portrayal of Paul Drake.

63 Pieces of Perry Mason: Surreal Flash adventure through TCOT Bouncing Boomerang. Eerie and fun!

Perry's Rauland Ampliphone: Details and images of the speakerphone on Perry's desk. If you have a fascination for telecommunications equipment and history like I have, you'll enjoy this link.

Perry Mason TCOT Mandarin Murder Game: Fantastic! From 1985 (achtung, retrogamers!), this game may be downloaded today and played on your PC or Commodore 64.

Thrilling Detective's Perry Mason: A dossier on the novels, early films, comics and television series.

The Perry Mason Pages: To be found here, a wealth of unique info and a thoughtfully-penned article regarding Raymond Burr's sexual orientation.

Classic TV Hits Perry Mason: Succinct outline of the programme with excellent cast photos and a .wav of the theme song.

Jacquelina's Perry Mason Page: A handful of cute screen captures from the show (and a few from the '80s eps) plus links.

TV Tome Perry Mason: TV Tome is a useful site for finding out about your favourite series, although it's become terribly commercialised since it was bought by CNET. As a result, some incorrect information is posted there and a person is unable to change it unless s/he registers and gains enough points (really!) by clicking around the website (which is a great deal harder than it sounds, otherwise I'd've changed some of the stuff myself!).

IMDB Perry Mason: Another immensely useful resource for information regarding film and television. I visit multiple times weekly.

MysteryNet's Perry Mason Page: A good little article. MysteryNet is aptly named; buckets of stuff for mystery buffs.

Communicate, Fellow Masonites
I'm Innocent: Worldwide Perry Mason Fanlisting! A grand way to connect.

Yahoo e-mail List One: An active e-mail list discussing all things PM, with an emphasis on the Della-Perry relationship. Loads of fanfic!

Yahoo e-mail List Two: E-mail list for discussion of Perry Mason, the television programme.

IMDB WH Board: The Internet Movie DataBase's online bulletin board for William Hopper. Post messages and exchange pleasantries with other fans of that tall glass of gorgeousness.

Perry Mason Bulletin Board: Great bulletin board with a varied group of individuals talking Erle Stanley Gardner, A.A. Fair, the 1950s-'60s series, and more. CURRENTLY DOWN

Perry Mason Discussion Group: Periodic mailing list open to all members. CURRENTLY DOWN

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