Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 2 {1941}

I hadn't any idea he was in this, and saw it the first time without noting his presence (during this first viewing I must admit to not being very attentive; I think I was drawing at the same time) . Well, the other night TCM played it again, I caught it on DVD and subsequently watched it with my ultra-lovely gentleman friend (the only fellow who makes my heart beat faster than Dewolf Jr. does!). He found it to be a top-drawer romantic comedy, as did I.

Claudette Colbert is an American hoofer named Eve Peabody who winds up in Paris with nothing but an evening gown to her name. Don Ameche plays the extremely handsome cabbie of Hungarian descent (Tibor Czerny) who does his best to help her out, only to be abandoned in favour of John Barrymore, whose offer she can't refuse. Soon, she's up to her eyes in champagne, furs and the din of Parisian society folk, loving every minute of it and anticipating an auspicious marriage. But of course, every Cinderella has her midnight...

Billy boy's appearance is brief, as a guest at Georges and Helene Flammarion's (John Barrymore and Mary Astor) party; first on the conga line and then, for but an instant, front and centre to present Eve to the attendees. Hedda (Billy's mum) plays a supporting role—I didn't know they'd ever appeared together in a film! Well, this was the only one, apparently (apart from HHH #2, of course, but that's not a proper film).

To tell you the truth, I find it very peculiar that I was able to spot Mr. Hopper in this one, as the camera is rushing by and here he's just a tuxedoed, black-and-white gent with patent leather hair amoungst a sea of tuxedoed, black-and-white gents with patent leather hair. Hrm! I nearly leapt off the couch when I spied him. Come to think of it, I did! See Midnight; it's marvellous.

A bit of trivia: Elspeth Dudgeon (Aunt Lucy in Mystery House) plays the lady whose little dog Eve nearly sits on at Stephanie's party.

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