Miss X., or in her more prolix form, Miss Xanthippe Svanström, has (in this incarnation anyway) been adoring the Perry Mason television series since 2002. As of July 2008, she has purchased and read seven of the novels and plans to continue expanding this little library as finances allow. She also enjoys sword and sorcery (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.), glamourous 1930s films (especially pre-code), British mysteries, metaphysical pursuits, reading and writing weird things, drawing pictures in ink (pencilled first), and marvelling at nature. Currently, she is putting the finishing touches on the first book of her serialised illustrated novel, Implement 13, a prominent character of which (angsty dick Marion DeWolfe Faraday) was inspired by Mr. Hopper's portrayal of Paul Drake.

Miss X. believes that, aside from from her magnificent superhuman companion Gus, William DeWolf Hopper Jr. is the most beautiful being ever to have existed, and is aware, to a certain degree, of how odd that may seem to a lot of people.

Her favourite episode of Mason is The Case of the Moth-Eaten Mink (other favourites, including judges, images and more can be found here).

It is her very sincere hope that you enjoy this website and all the images contained herein. If you would like to contact her privately via e-mail, her address is x at vividinfinity dot com (you'll want to type it in manually), otherwise, feel free to place your comments in the registry.

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