Mystery House {1938} Starring Dick Purcell, Ann Sheridan, Anne Nagel and William Hopper

Mystery House is a thoroughly entertaining whodunit that takes place in a cozy hunting lodge with corpse after corpse piling up inside, whilst outside so does the snow. This is my favourite William DeWolf Hopper Jr. picture yet. I love murder mysteries, particularly when they take place in the 1930s and the body count is above one. Billy looks unbelievably gorgeous playing 'regular guy' Lal Killian, gentleman friend to heiress Gwen Kingery (played by the angelic Anne Nagel). A prime suspect, his disarming personality alternately gives rise to feelings of affection and suspicion. He has heaps of screen time, possibly more than he has in Public Wedding, oddly enough, seeing as he plays the leading man in the latter. A couple of the other supporting actors are a bit stiff, but overall the performances are very good and the story is engaging. Ann Sheridan is sort of the leading lady as Sarah Keate: nurse to a curmudgeon and girlfriend/helper to detective Lance O'Leary (Dick Purcell). I'm really keen on Dick Purcell; he's nice to look at (sort of a lower-glam Gene Raymond) and has a fun personality, as well as being a great actor. So who did it? I'm not giving anything away. Did what? Who's dead? Lots of people. Get a cup of chocolate for this one.

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