Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase {1939} - Bonita Granville, Frankie Thomas, John Litel, DeWolf Hopper

A teensy-tiny rôle with two lines ("How did you do it?" And then offscreen, "How old are you?") that are difficult to hear over the din of other voices and commotion—but he is credited, at least! This is the best Nancy Drew picture I've seen. I really enjoy these films. Nancy (Bonita Granville) is brilliantly dotty and her sidekick Ted (Frankie Thomas) is, er, kind of sexy in a weird adolescent way. All right, maybe not so weird. And maybe not so kind of. Yes, well, any road, I love mysteries, and this one has a true hidden passage! Hidden passages are always referred to as a cliché of the mystery genre, but, really, they're quite rare, as far as my experience goes! Great action, suspense, sinister foes, and a marvellous scene between Nancy and Ted underground, nearly drowning... Not much Dewolf Jr., but a grand film.

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