Rebel Without a Cause - William Hopper, Natalie Wood, James Dean

Film Without Any Good Reason to Watch It—except perhaps the opportunity for seeing Mr. Hopper in a sinister daddy rôle. Incestual tension arises between Judy (the insufferable Natalie Wood) and her father as he realises she's becoming a woman. He won't let her kiss him anymore and when she defies his wishes by giving him a peck he slaps her. Creepy. I only managed to drag myself through half of this film because I found it treacly, uncomfortable and badly acted. Sal Mineo comes across as a detestable little twit; why a person is supposed to feel sympathy for his character is beyond me. Any road, I hope I didn't miss any more scenes with daddy by fast-forwarding through the last half. Please let me know if I did. The thumbnails to your left are in black and white, but the DVD captures are in colour (the film was shot in "Warner Colour"). See William Hopper's entire scene in Rebel... here in mpeg or Real format.

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