Sitting Bull - 1954 - William Hopper

More captures to come.

Hrm. Well, if you enjoy westerns, you'll probably like Sitting Bull. I do not, though I must say this film does have the redeeming quality of showing events from a more Native American Indian-friendly perspective than most Cowboys and Indians flicks. In all honesty, I skipped through most of it seeking out Billy bits. He plays Charles Wentworth, war correspondent and romantic rival to the leading man Major Robert Parrish (Dale Robertson). The lady of his affection is very beautiful, but rather a shallow twat; definitely not worth fighting over, if you ask me, which you didn't, but, er... J. Carrol Naish plays Sitting Bull to perfection: a really nice, honourable chap one would appreciate knowing. My sincerest apologies go out to you for not having much useful to say about this movie. As I said, I'm simply not keen on westerns. Billy looks fascinatingly gorgeous, as usual. It is interesting that his hair appears completely grey-free in 1954, whereas only a year later he was as grey as he was in Perry Mason (rough year?). He's also exceedingly tanned (I prefer his natural colouring—however, he was very much into sunning and swimming, from what I've read, so, living in SoCal he was probably quite tan most of the time). Er, yes. If you like cowboy movies go ahead and watch, it's probably a good one. If instead, like me, you just want to watch our man saunter about, snogging his girlfriend, and doing a lot of horseback riding, pop it in with your fingertip hovering over cue/fast-forwards.

NOTE: The colour on these images is rather poor; I'm not quite sure why. Digital cable (which is the television service to which we currently subscribe) is sometimes a bit dodgy in the quality department, I'm sad to say. Also, the film, which I recorded to the DVR (digital version of a VCR) in SP mode, would only fit on a disc in LP (I'm not sure whether our DVR will record to dual-layer discs, but I'll check the manual next chance I get, as those discs hold quite a lot more). Any road, even if I had been able to fit the SP version on disc, I doubt the quality would have been so improved as to show itself in the screenshots gathered: it seems more a problem with digital cable. Er, yes, bla bla bla. Good-night! :)

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