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Yes, you've read that date correctly. I did type it unlike a post-dated cheque. Those don't seem to work anymore, anyhow. Talking of anyhow, here I am. Alive and better-than-well, saying thank you. The latest addition to the site is a group of new screenshots from the 1937 film 'Public Wedding', a clear favourite here. Not too many (as though there could be too many), but more than have appeared in some time. Please do enjoy! At some point it'll be wise if I make this site properly coded, mobile-friendly, and populated with nice, big, pics. Still rather a lot of those old CRT tele-screen photos hanging about, eh? Well, once again, alive and well! (PS - MANY APOLOGIES! MY IMAGE-EDITING SOFTWARE HAS BEEN INFILTRATED BY WICKED PIXIES! SERIOUSLY. I thought I could at least give you a screenshot of the twenty-four lovely frames. Alas. Ringing Adobe tomorrow.)

There is a new link up. Hollywood Memorabilia!

I am a runner. Meaning, I jog for fun and fitness's sake. Both Perry and Paul run in the first broadcast (not the first recorded) ep of Perry Mason; our beloved councillor in his office at nearly two in the morning, and our very, very beloved investigator out front of The Brent Building in broad daylight. Perry ribs him about it, Training for the Olympics, Paul?' More to come? It's been ages since I enjoyed the series, and we ended the evening with The Restless Redhead for tonight's entertainment... it wouldn't surprise me if I continue in the days to come.

I have just amended the woefully out of date DVD and television sections, connected a few loose wires here and there (on the site, not in my head! Perish the thought!). Information about where to watch our heros and heroine online has been placed on the television page.

New actor/actress ideas for a big-screen remake in the Notebook; they may surprise you, then again, maybe they won't! :) And! Bought a new Billy photo today; you'll soon find it in The Wire Service section (I'll let you know here at the updates page when it is uploaded to the site).

What's this? A year between updates? Where you are there is no time, Billy (actually that's true for where I am as well, but let us not digress), happiest of birthdays to you.

In (belated!) honour of our fine fellow's birthday, I have uploaded scans of all of my physical photo collection, as well as a couple of digital ones (culled from eBay). Two (the Hurrell and the boutonniere one with Hedda) were already here, only now... they're bigger. Please see The Wire Service—a new pageful! May you enjoy, joy, joy. More good news, unrelated to the site and only semi-related to Mr Hopper, my book was officially published 28 August, and will appear on very soon! It is available for purchase at for $14.98 USD. One hundred forty-four pages, twenty illustrations. Why's it semi-related to Billy? Well, as far as physiognomy is concerned, he served as my model for Marion, one of the primary characters. It is a time-travel fantasy to be released in series. No wacky machines as it's not science fiction, rather more metaphysically-orientated. You can expect a fair amount of swearing and naughty behaviour, so, it's not for the faint of... er... something? Oh yes, and by the way, the first book doesn't overtly refer to the time-travel element, it's only hinted at. As well, Marion only appears briefly. By the time book three is unleashed, you won't be able to get away from him (and he's not really the nicest of fellows). Blahbla+bla/blablah=Bla44. Thanks for keeping on keeping on! I hope your new year is going swimmingly. Will duplicate this update in the notebook, as it's rather blathery. Rather blathery. Alliteration fun. Cheers!

More nonsense in the notebook--whee!

No, I didn't accidentally duplicate the date; there really are two updates for one day! Check the notebook for a new bit about Hedda via Ray Milland (one of my other favourite actors).

Updates! Sort of! I have fixed bad links in the latter series Paul section, and all the video clips in the media section are available now via YouTube, which means you can play them all on the media page, in your browser window, without having to download extra software or open a separate client, that sort of thing. The quality isn't as high as the mpgs, but those are still there and will remain there forever and ever and ever. New notebook entry, also! And from that my open letter to Gordon Williams and his stepsister Joan, which is simply this:

'Gordon P. Williamsódo you think I'm a git or something? Do you at least think me silly? I think I'm a bit silly. Do you not think of me at all and have you no idea about this website? Are you reading this right now? Drop me a line some time if you feel like it. Despite my obsession with your stepfather, which is indeed potent, adolescent, and prurient at times, I am not going to ask if you ever saw him naked or anything like that. Here's to hoping you're as nice a guy as Billy seems to have been. And Joan, are you out there...?'

Greetings, everyone! Have a look at Lydie's excellent new Perry Mason websitevive la France!

Also, thank you to everyone who has written to me over the past number of months—from behind the grindstone, I will emerge triumphant... eventually! And I will re-learn the art of communication with humans! Until then...

Hullo—wot's this, then? D'you think it might be true? Or is Mr. Keser getting Billy mixed up with Raymond Burr? A million thanks to Miss/Ms./Mrs. Anonymous for sending the link!

Added the IMDB message board for William Hopper and the Yahoo Perry Mason email list to the links...

Just a quick entry in the notebook—but an update, at least! Still finishing my book... sigh.


A quick note in the notebook (which will be expanded upon later) about the awesome Peter Gunn, and, at last, I've uploaded the gorgeous wallpaper created by Mr. Barry Baldwin in the desktops section—thanks a million, Barry!

Well, I've fixed a few things in the bio of our good chap (a misquote and just a couple of items I'd never been entirely happy with). Also, the photo of him and Hedda standing in a garden that is linked from the bio page now has a date: 1932, as does the Hurrell image (19 February 1940). New X biog thumbnail, also—black and white and jolly!

At long last—a proper update! Two new films reviewed: The Footloose Heiress (1937) and The Deadly Mantis (1956), both found at the Dewolf on Film page (and oddly, both starring actors named 'Craig'). I've corrected a few things there, too, including the temporary omission of Sitting Bull, which disappeared when I mysteriously uploaded an older version of the page. Over the Goal (1937) should be up during one of the next updates. Just eleven days until the Season One, Volume Two box set is released, hooray!

Oh, also! For the time being, I am using Yahoo as my update service. So, if you entered your email address on the main page here at any time, you should be getting an invitation soon from Yahoo . The updates list page is here.

Another also: a tiny little entry in the notebook.

Hrm! Some git was using my guestbook/registry script for spamming or sending virii to people; I thought all the security holes had been fixed. Any road! It's temporarily been shut down, but I've posted my email address there should you wish to contact me. I welcome it! Cheers to you and yours; hopefully some real updates soon (I've been going nutters trying to finish a project before the end of this year).

Nancy Drew & the Hidden Staircase (eight captures and a review) added to the film page! Also... quite a number of images from my absolute favourite episode, TCOT Moth-Eaten Mink, which was the pilot, too, incidentally. I'm still working on replacing those old teleshots with DVD captures; in getting the above mentioned captures for Mink I was able to make a few replacements on page two (three of Della, two of Perry, one of Paul). And!!! I've recently viewed Ronald, Peggy's Escort (a.k.a. On Your Toes, 1939) and Man in Striped Shirt on Beach (a.k.a. Daughters Courageous, 1939), so, pretty bits of media from those should surface here soon as well. As a matter of fact (she adds a few minutes later) here, at the media page, is a video clip of Billy's scene in On Your Toes, it's very funny, and highly recommended. Still trying to figure out what to use to make that email updates list—sorry for the delay!

Sigh. Just amended invisiblestripes7.html as I had initially mixed the word nonpareil with unparalleled (came out with 'nonpareilled', which, I don't think is a word—in the dictionary, anyway). I don't care about other people making mistakes of this nature, but when I do it I sure feel like a jackass. Oh well.

New notebook entry. I natter on and on about what makes Billy uniquely appealing. I may offend some people. Sorry! Hrm. After watching TCOT Rolling Bones today, I'm beginning to doubt my 'dark suit: Perry/light suit: Paul' theory. Well, I'll keep my eyes open... P.S. I've fixed all the links to the video clips on the updates and notebook pages. Hopefully there aren't any more dud links on the site anywhere—please let me know if you find one (or more!).

New page! This is a collection of my observations regarding various episodes I've seen. I'd like to get seasons 1-3 up, at least, perhaps season 4. As it stands now, episodes 1-9 have entries. I also intend to jazz the entries up with certain ratings, not merely to jazz them up, mind you, but illustrate what elements are important to me in an episode. This new page can be reached through the miscellany section. For those of you interested, I am currently enjoying one of the Mike Shayne novels listed in the book section; a few comments about it have been posted at its page, here.

Scanned in a photo I bought on eBay, of Mr. Hopper photographed by George Hurrell in 1940. This is my favourite picture of him yet. I've put it on the bio page, too.

Hi! Totally hot snogging scene from Sitting Bull now up for your enjoyment (just images, no video... yet?). Ok, so, no one ever accused me of being mature. Loads more captures from TCOT Fan-Dancer's Horse, again (that episode is fairly bursting with grand scenes!). See page ten.

Seven new captures from TCOT Fan-Dancer's Horse on a new image page—we're up to number ten, now! Still more to come.

Sitting Bull captures (nine of them) and quasi-review posted to the films page! A new notebook entry has been added, and some minor amendments to my autobio as well. I have some excellent captures from TCOT Fan-Dancer's Horse coming up for you, and plan to soon get some from TCOT Moth-Eaten Mink, TCOT Lonely Heiress, 20 Million Miles To Earth, some production photo scans, and a few images from more bit parts Mr. Hopper has had with my attendant reviews (if one can properly call them that!).

Happy, happy, happy birthday, Billy!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy New Year! I've completed a brief biography of our fine fellow and uploaded it for your perusal. Also, I've posted a comment regarding the cover of my copy of TCOT Sleepwalker's Niece. By the way, I am in the process of putting together the email list so those of you who have submitted your addresses should be receiving updates shortly. Oh, yes, and, er... those audio clips are actually present now.

Oops! I hadn't any idea the 'update me' form wasn't working. My apologies! It is working now, so, should you be interested in receiving email updates regarding this website, pop in your address and I'll let you know when I've added something.

New layout and arrangement! I hope everything works all right for you. If it doesn't, please do let me know.

Seventeen captures (from a digital recording of a television broadcast, not a DVD) from TCOT Married Moonlighter, on page nine! Enjoy.

Ok! How about a video clip of Billy singing and playing guitar? From Cowboy Quarterback (1939), here it is, in both RealMedia and Mpeg formats. Also, I've added a RealMedia version of the Public Wedding clip.

Quick note before sleepy-bye: Cowboy Quarterback is the weirdest film I've ever seen DeWolf Jr. appear in next to Conquest of Space. And he plays a playboy-cowboy and sings a song and speaks in an exaggerated hick accent!!! And is the only person wearing Roy Rogers's wardrobe I'd ever call hot! And I thought I was going to be able to get a handful of quick captures and retire before 3! Well, after much aggravation over PowerDVD 4 throwing rubbish errors (the DVD plays fine in PowerDVD 6 on Gus's work computer and on our home players), I'm going to bed! I'll get the captures on version 6 tomorrow. 'Til then, sweet dreams to you, sleeping and waking...

Thirty-five captures from TCOT Fan Dancer's Horse! Sound mad? Maybe, but, they're all on six pages! This is possible through the magic of javascript. Note that the new perry_mason9.html only has six thumbnails: a couple do link to singles, but the rest go to pages containing sequences (I've used this before on the Gilded Lily Paul-Steals-A-Matchbox page and a number of my favourite character actors/actresses pages). There are more captures to come from this delicious episode, as well, which will go up at a time that I oughtn't be sleeping. Good-night. :)

The very first screen photo ever to appear here has now been replaced with a DVD capture—hooray for quality! Oh and now I've got the quote from that scene right, too.

New notebook entry (first since June) and image of Miss X (big deal, I know). Also! TCOT Ill-Fated Faker added to my favourites page.

Finally! By request, I have uploaded some images of Paul from the later seasons here. Enjoy!

One more book—one I was not expecting: a second TCOT Counterfeit Eye. The seller sent me the wrong copy the first time and then sent on the correct one shortly thereafter, saying I could keep the first for my collection! So nice! I wish I knew who he was so I could thank him! Incidentally, he signed his first name to the note contained in the package; guess what it is? Paul.

And here are the other two books, they just arrived today: TCOT Baited Hook and TCOT Sulky Girl.

Three new booksA Taste For Violence (by Brett Halliday), Call for Mike Shayne (ditto) and TCOT Counterfeit Eye—added, with two more to come. By the way, Kathy, I am working on getting those latter-season captures up for you—my apologies for the delay!

Another update! The Public Wedding screen photos have at last been replaced with DVD captures (except publicwedding7.jpg—it's still a screen photo because I couldn't find that frame on the DVD). You may also wish to enjoy the film clip from the same motion picture, just uploaded today. And still, more to come...

Loads of updates the past couple of days! I've scanned and uploaded two of the photos of Mr. Hopper from the joint bio of his mum and Louella Parsons (Hedda & Louella by George Eells, 1972)—see the bottom of the main page; direct links: one & two. Someone has very generously added to the entry for William Hopper at, too, by the way, and I've added it to the links section. Seventeen captures from TCOT Fraudulent Foto are now on page eight (images 9-25). Have you been to the novels page yet? The thumbnails there now link to large versions of each cover; descriptions and reviews etc. are yet to come.

New entry in the notebook, with captures from TCOT Dead Ringer and an old tobacco advert featuring a gent who resembles a young William Hopper. Updated my favourites list as well.

As promised, all images from The Bad Seed have been upgraded from VHS screen photos to DVD captures, and there are now video clips from Hedda Hopper's Hollywood! Note: all video snippets at this site are also accessible from the miscellany page.

The Registry is finally functioning again. My apologies for the great delay! We switched servers some time ago and our new electronic home has quite a different setup to our previous one, full of mysteries and trapdoors—and I don't mean that in a good way. Any road, for some reason unknown to me, after an adjustment to the script I'd already tried (repeatedly) it is now working flawlessly. Don't get me wrong, I have only myself to blame! I'm sure I might've got it working sooner had I investigated more (and earlier), or called for support. By the way, I now have Public Wedding on DVD, so look for new captures soon!

Another film! Invisible Stripes—page includes nine captures and a video clip of William Hopper and his first wife Jane Gilbert's entire scene. Talking of Jane, some marvellous information soars in, from a lovely visitor to the site named Ellen, regarding the marriage/second marriage speculation! Answers in the notebook, hurrah!

I've updated the silent, kinescope-y clip of The Bad Seed with a video capture from my DVD, and replaced the first screen photo with a DVD capture (there's actually a whole folder full of 'em now just waiting to be resized and uploaded... but I have to go to bed right now!). The Columbia House/Tele section of the miscellany page has been updated with current information as well.

New film added! Midnight, from 1939. Billy does the conga! Also, some personal trivia regarding our man's sister-in-law in the notebook, and another favourite photo in the favourites.

A notebook entry! First one in a while...

Well! It's been too long! I've just uploaded a review of Mystery House (1938), as well as 32 DVD captures from it. More to come later from that film, as well as from Conquest of Space, The Bad Seed (I'll be replacing the screen photos with DVD captures, and the silent screen video with a sound video clip), captures from PM eps, and scans and reviews of PM novels. Be advised that Public Wedding (1937) is being aired this June 5th on Turner Classic Movies—check your local listings.

At the favourites page, TCOT Rolling Bones is now on the episodes list, and, images for Bethel Leslie and Doris Singleton have been added (see actors/actresses section). A couple of new entries have appeared in the notebook as well.

Added photos for some of my favourite PM character actors/actresses; see the X's Favourites page.

Ahhh! The day has finally arrived! I can now get video clips from my PM DVDs! And! The first one I always intended to upload here—well, I suppose it was the first audio clip I wanted to put up, anyway... Sidesaddle! Is available in Mpeg and Real formats. Look also to the ever-promised additional images from Public Wedding (1937). Sometime I'd like to get a better copy of that film, and post some higher quality images. But for now...

Well, it was painful, but at last I rented the Rebel Without a Cause DVD and captured some images and video for the website. A video clip of William Hopper's entire scene is available in mpeg or real format. Other new additions are: two links: one to a surreal Flash PM adventure, the other to a page about Perry's unusual telephone—I ♥ old phones! Note as well that now when you click on a "just for looks" image a little window of Perry and Paul having a conversation will pop up.

Happy Birthday William Hopper! I wish him a merry one and make some comments in the notebook. Also, I've added another two (1, 2) teleshots from Tear Gas Squad and given the film its own page. TCOT Angry Mourner teleshots on page three have been replaced with DVD captures. The "more" page has been added to and an entirely new page with my favourite images, episodes and actors/actresses has been created.

Some new DVD captures from TCOT Angry Mourner; see pages seven and eight. The menus have been updated and I have added a page called more.html which outlines and links to the image pages. News regarding The Maltese Falcon and the upcoming airing of Mystery House may be found in the notebook. The registry (guestbook) has ceased functioning properly... my apologies! We will be switching servers pretty soon, however, so it should be up and running shortly. Thank you for the tip, James!

A whole slew of DVD captures from TCOT Gilded Lily now here.

Raymond Burr, Morris Ankrum and a number of other Perry Mason actors and actresses appeared in a film called A Star Will Rise in 1952. I caught a bit of it the other night and uploaded some screenshots. Also, my affection for John Anderson continues to grow; thus, I subject you to screenshots of his appearance in The Twilight Zone episode The Odyssey of Flight 33. Now I'll grab some more DVD captures of beautiful DeWolf Jr.

I received a response from Paramount today!

Kim Z. has created the long-awaited petition to Paramount Pictures—thank you, Kim! Please sign it everyone, and then cajole, bribe, coerce, or just ask nicely everybody you know who knows The Marvelous Power of Mason to sign it also. We will get our season-by-season DVDs!

New link added: Darrell Grizzle's heartfelt Arc of Justice.

I've uploaded a page full of photos from Armored Car Robbery (1950), which is a William Talman film, not a William DeWolf Hopper Jr. film. Also! Important! I've at last written to Paramount Pictures, begging them to release Perry Mason on DVD. My letter is here. I encourage you most heartily to copy it, sign your own name, and send it off to Paramount. There's a new entry in the notebook as well.

A new page of images! Beginning of a notebook entry, too.

Four images from TCOT Glittering Goldfish on photo page five—three of which are of my favourite judge, played by S. John Launer.

At last, a navigational aid! While there's always been a text menu at the bottom of each page, you can now find a graphical menu on the right side of each thumbnail page (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). See the simulated piece of white, letterheaded notepaper? That's it.

Replaced four old screen photos with DVD captures. See Nos. 13-16 on photo page two. Aaaaand.... added yet another page of images!

New notebook entry.

Added 13 new images on page four (from TCOT One-Eyed Witness, and a new desktop background (see the page of miscellany). Also on the misc page, useful telephoning information. Oh! And I forgot to mention, day before yesterday, I uploaded an .mp3 audio clip of that great scene between Della and Paul in TCOT Black-Eyed Blonde (images 1-10 on page four are from the scene as well).

Updated the Tele & Columbia House section of the Miscellany page and added the letter I recently sent to Columbia House regarding their DVD releases of Perry Mason.

Eleven new DVD captures added, on a new page. Resultant of this is a slight modification of the menu at the bottom of each page so as to prevent its scrolling off into rightward oblivion!

New notebook entry—I've just seen TCOT Crimson Kiss and TCOT Vagabond Vixen for the first time!

New notebook entry.

Eight more DVD captures! Nos.16-23 are from TCOT Restless Redhead. New notebook entry, as well (homophobes, beware!). And now, back to work I go... Oh! And some new links, too.

Seven more images! Nos.10-15 are DVD captures from TCOT Prodigal Parent.

Is there a big-screen Perry Mason film in the works? If so, here is my idea of an effective, fun cast. Corrections have been made as well: originally I'd referred to TCOT Restless Redhead as the pilot episode, but it was not! Thank yous go out to Bill C. for informing us that Restless Redhead was the first broadcast ep, while TCOT Moth-Eaten Mink was actually the pilot, filmed October 1956, fourteen months before it was broadcast.

The John Anderson-Willard Sage image and voice comparison is now up! Check the notebook for details.

Five new pictures posted to page three—and these are DVD captures, so the quality is excellent! Hurrah! Talking of DVDs, I just picked up a set of three Poirot DVDs the other day, and, well, this hath spawned this. I ♥ Poirot (and Hastings and Lemon).

I've added The Bad Seed (1956) to the film section. There are twenty-four images (!!!), a review, and a little video clip (available in Mpeg and RealVideo formats).

Image two has been replaced by a finer-quality DVD capture. Download! desktop backgrounds at the misc page. See! new entries in the notebook. Have! fun.

Have you ever thought about the Perry Mason-Poirot connexion? See it on the newly updated Miscellany Page.

Today I received my first Columbia House shipment! One DVD, three episodes (TCOT Restless Redhead, Baited Hook, Prodigal Parent). CH's website says one is to receive six eps, so I am a bit confused, as this appears to be the totality of my first installment. I'll comb their site for any fine print I might've missed and if my search is in vain I'll write them and ask, "what gives (with the squares)?" Anyway! I am thrilled to have what I have! The quality is amazing in both picture and sound. I look forwards to bringing you some clear screen captures! As I acquire DVDs, I'll replace the poorer quality images already on this site with new, excellent quality images. It's so much fun to see things I've never seen! The CH episodes are uncut, in their full 52-minute glory, some with 1950s adverts next to the end credits! Yay!

ADDENDUM 20 APRIL 2004: Ah! They've changed the text on the main page to match the "fine print" on their membership details page, "Get your favourite TV shows now and get up to (my emphasis - Miss X) six episodes on each DVD!" No worries there. The order in which they're released, however, deserves a very large "WTF?!" Please see William Allin Storrer's wonderful Perry Mason/Erle Stanley Gardner web site for details (I'm linking directly to his list of the CH DVD/video releases, but there's much more to his site; click about...). *weeps and sniffles* So I won't be getting seasons 1-3 in two years, seven months after all *more weeping and sniffling*. Looks like I'll be going back to my first idea: tape trading, which, is fine by me as I'll get the episodes I want sooner and those CH DVDs will just be floating on in in the background, available for crystal clear and uncut viewing when they're... available. Sigh.

Another photo page has been added, which so far contains three images from TCOT Angry Mourner. New notebook entries have been added as well..

Four new images on page two, from TCOT Runaway Corpse! And a few new notebook entries.

Added a notebook (a web log of sorts, just me nattering on about sundry topics—some offensive, so please beware). Also, I've discovered a new way of editing the photos that eliminates most of the screen scanlines and generally gives them a better, clearer look. Compare Always a Bride three with Always a Bride four, five and six.

The MAGNIFICENT PSYCHIC POWERS failed me not! And, actually, it was a few months ago that they were busy not failing me, I've simply been too preoccupied to upload the images until now. Yes, Turner Classic Movies played that strange film again, and by the grace of synchronicity and love and all such fine things, I turned the television on just as it was starting. Here they are, the close-up shots of our gent in Always a Bride. To see the full index of Always a Bride images, click here.

New images uploaded! From Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 2. William Hopper and his wife Jane play Gin Rummy and watch one of mean old Hedda's first films. Also, I fixed the guestbook; it wasn't showing URLs originally.

You're looking at the newest thing here: the updates page! I just finished getting some shots from Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 2 in which William Hopper and his wife Jane appear. Look for the images to show up on the site within the next couple of days.

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